"Good training program, able to enrich our understanding and giving new perspective of the sales skills",  Revie Akhwilla

PT Sony Indonesia

"The material presented was clear, easy to understand, as well as be able easily to be applied in our job.", Emir Faisal

PT Pertamina

"Refreshing, enhance knowledge and having good experience sharing sessions.",  Diantika,

LG Electronics Indonesia

"Each session was described in detailed steps, followed by great examples, and quizzes. It was very helpful.", M.Y. Elivia

PT Merck, Inc

"The program was in line with our daily work, and gave us many insights.", Siti Nuraeni

PT Panasonic Gobel

"Lot of new knowledge gained especially from the sharing experience sessions.", Reza Firdaus,

PT Epson Indonesia

"Interesting. It was not boring and having many sharing experience sessions.", Riri Kartika

Conoco Philips Indonesia

"Overall, the training program was great, comprehensive, and helpful.", Rifhan Aina Rahim

Shell Business Operations, Kuala Lumpur

"It was great that the training sessions were able to reshaping our habit into a better one.", M. Arya

Commonwealth Life

"The training materials were clear and detailed.", Nova Lawanti

Price Waterhouse Coopers

"The training modules were in line and easy to apply to our daily job.", Bayu Wibowo

Frisian Flag Indonesia

"The training program was very helpful, especially in understanding the essence of customer satisfaction.", Andy Wahyudi

PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia